Brakes and Suspension

For you, your loved ones and passengers, safety should be your number one concern and consideration when driving. Therefore the importance of good functioning brakes cannot ever be underestimated. Brakes do far more for your vehicle than just stopping your car when needed. They help you decelerate when going downhill, help avoid crashes, and help your car stay stationary when parked—all of which are important in avoiding accidents and damage to your car. Even if you have the most expensive car with an expensive set of tyres, poor quality brakes can be an issue. If you do not maintain, service or have good brakes, your car will not be safe. Stop insurance headaches or danger before they happen and assure your brakes are in perfect working order.

There are many ways to know that you should get your brakes serviced—from more obvious clues like your car not stopping well, to less obvious clues like if your car is making sounds or your steering wheel shakes when braking. Contrary to popular belief, simply replacing your brake pads once in a while is not sufficient to assure your safety. There are many components to a brake that need regular checking and at times replacing. Moisture can also build up in your brakes causing erosion, in turn contaminating your brake fluids; this is why, regardless of distance travelled, brake fluids should be changed every two years. If you have any concerns about your brakes, come down to Southport Budget Tyres where our experts will have a comprehensive look at your tyres and service where needed. All of this will be done at a fair price and suited to all budgets, just like our tyres.

Another important safety component to your car is the suspension. The suspension is in charge of ensuring you have a safe, smooth and comfortable ride, even in poor road conditions. This is because a well maintained suspension ensures your tyres are stable and make constant contact on the road. Further adding to its importance to safety, a well maintained suspension will improve steering and braking performance of your car.

Your suspension is made up of multiple vital components, including shock absorbers and springs to name a few. This high number of components is what keeps your vehicle safe, but is also why you should get your suspension looked at or serviced regularly. Even if a single component is damaged or faulty, the whole suspension will be ineffective.

Like your brakes, there are several tell tale signs you should bring your car into Southport Budget Tyres to get your suspension serviced. If you notice your tyres do not wear at an even pace, if you feel that your car is dipping forward when braking, if you notice poor handling (especially around corners) or simply your car not being level when parked, your suspension may not be working at an efficient level. If you notice any of these things, come into our store. Don’t sacrifice safety. We will ensure that you and your loved ones are taken care of at a fair price.



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