4×4 Tyres

If you are looking for tyres for your 4WD or SUV, Southport Budget Tyres should be your preferred choice. At our Gold Coast store you will find a large range of new and used 4WD & SUV Tyres at a competitive price, suited for all budgets—if you find a tyre for a cheaper price, we’ll beat it.

There are many factors to consider before purchasing your 4WD & SUV Tyres, ranging from the weather you’ll drive it in, to the reasons you need the tyres. We here at Southport Budget Tyres will help you and ensure you get the best fit. A tyre suited for wet conditions may not be suitable to drive on sandy regions and vice versa.

Three types of 4WD tyres

All terrain tyres are the tyres suitable for most drivers. They are ideal for sealed road usage and some light off road activities. They are perfect for everyday use, but also able to handle most adventurous activities, like driving off road on a camping trip, or around worksites and farms.

Mud terrain tyres are, as the name suggests, used for driving on mud or for other serious off road activities with softer terrain. They have primarily larger lugs on the surface, which allow for better grip on soft roads; so they are able to tackle steep terrain, sand, and so on.  The tyre pressure can be adjusted to suit different terrains, generally the softer the surface the less pressure you would want.

Highway terrain tyres are suited for highway use as they are engineered to be able to withstand higher heat created from driving a long distance.

Southport Budget tyres stock all 3 types of tyres. For more information, or to find the tyres best suited for you. Come visit our store, or give us a call.



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