Wheel Alignment

A wheel alignment is one of the most common services performed by mechanics everywhere. And here at Southport Budget Tyres & Brakes, we have the latest wheel alignment machinery to insure your car gets the best treatment it needs and deserves.

A wheel alignment can help extend the lifetime of your tyres. And its importance to your car cannot be underestimated as it can affect many aspects of your car.

Aligning your wheels will ensure your vehicle performs safely at the highest level. Misaligned wheels will negatively affect handling and fuel efficiency. With misaligned wheels you can also expect worse tyre performance, slower vehicle speed, and much more tyre wear and tear, reducing the lifetime of your tires. Even though we are confident that we can beat our competitors prices, buying a new set of tyres, used or new, can still be a relatively costly purchase. Therefore if you are going to make an investment in tyres, you would want to get the most value out of the money spent. This can’t be achieved if your wheels are not properly aligned because your tyres will wear out much sooner than they would normally.

Another important point to note is, misaligned wheels can cause your car to be less safe. And here at Southport Budget Tyres we believe that safety is something that should never be ignored and should always be taken into consideration. When your wheels are improperly aligned, it can result in poor cornering due to worse handling. This can result in a potential deadly situation for you and your passengers, especially in wet conditions. Driving with misaligned wheels also takes more effort due to the car constantly trying to steer to one side. This is one of the biggest signs your wheels are misaligned, and in turn can cause several issues, including excessive tyre wear and damage to the under car components of your vehicle. A wheel alignment will correct this and stop these issues listed from continuing and becoming worse and more severe.  So the next time you come into Southport Budget Tyres make sure you ask our experts to align your wheels for you.



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