Commercial Vans & Light Trucks

If you drive a commercial van or a light truck, it is important to have the correct tyres. Getting the tyres that suit your vehicle and needs will result in better productivity, making your tough work day just that much easier. If you are using your light truck or van for commercial use, they will be used a lot more than a regular passenger car and face more diverse weather conditions.

Passenger tyres do have several benefits as they are built for more comfort and speed; this is why many non-commercial vans and smaller trucks (1/4 or ½ ton) use passenger tyres. However, bad things will happen to you and your car if you use tyres to do things they are not designed to do. For instance using a truck with factory passenger tyres to do heavy commercial lifting, towing, or other things small tyres will not be able to handle.

Light truck tyres are built using stronger and more durable materials. As a result they are heavier and stiffer but this results in more sturdy sidewalls. This increase in size will allow light truck tyres to handle the weight of heavy vehicles better, resulting in more efficient drives. Light truck tyres are designed to work hard: they are stronger and have a more aggressive tread, they will get the work done even off road. Light truck tyres are also designed to be able to carry heavier loads under all adverse conditions and are designed to be used at higher inflation pressures. Evidently, all these differences will allow trucks and vans using light truck tyres to perform better under heavy commercial usage. Moreover, passenger tyres are not suited for more heavy vehicles ( ¾ or a ton trucks for instance), as they cannot handle the weight well. Therefore using passenger tyres for larger trucks will be dangerous, even if they are not used for commercial purposes. However there are trade offs. They are usually more expensive, they result in a harsher ride, and tend to have a shorter tread life. Another thing that is wise to consider is that many vans, trucks, and SUVs have higher centres of gravity that result in a higher likelihood of being overloaded when compared to normal passenger vehicles. So when used for commercial purposes, light truck tyres reduce the possibility of this happening.

Even though light truck tyres are generally more expensive and might not last as long as regular passenger tyres, they are worth it. Safety is something you should never compromise and the increased efficiency will be better for your business in the short and long run. Make sure you have the right tyres to get the most out of your car and get your job done correctly. Comedown to Southport Budget Tyres and we will help you out with all your tyres need, even if you are simply unsure what tyre is best for you and your vehicle. Alternatively, feel free to give us a call to speak to one of our experts.



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